Dec. 7, 2022

I Needed A Serious Time Out With Stacey Birch Of Hot Flashes And Boarding Passes

I Needed A Serious Time Out With Stacey Birch Of Hot Flashes And Boarding Passes

Are you feeling like your life is passing by and you’re not making the most out of it?

Sometimes we feel like our life is a total mess and everything is not going our way and we have nothing to do but to go with the flow, live with it and settle for less. But do we really have to settle for less or you’ll step up and take a leap of faith to live your life to the fullest?

In today’s episode, we have invited Stacey Birch. She is the definition of a mother who’ll do everything to give all the best to her child and still live her life to the fullest.

In This Episode

[04:40] Stacey applied to win a scholarship for a social media boot camp.

[06:51] Manifesting things you want to have is good, but you have to do stuff to make it happen.

[17:07] Miscarriage and death of her first son.

[19:23] After living in Japan Stacey, relocated with her son to New York for a proper diagnosis.

[31:24] She took a leap and flew to Bali.

[38:49] Stacey started showing up on Instagram.

[43:42] Stacey traveled to Mexico during the lockdown.

[45:58] She became part of the Flying Angels.

[54:06] The lessons Stacey learned by going through hardships.

About Stacey Birch

Stacey Birch is a Canadian single mother and career bartender who turned her passion for puppies, margaritas, and the 'Gram into a total midlife PIVOT! At age 50 she moved to Mexico, healed herself through dog rescue, and started a thriving social media business. She really believes that IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN!

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