June 25, 2021

I Always Wanted A Sister; How I Found My Sibling After 40 Years Of Searching

I Always Wanted  A Sister; How I Found My Sibling After 40 Years Of Searching

"Infinite souls have a temporary human experience. It's just one heart, one soul seeing another heart and soul." A heartfelt interview with my own sibling. Her own second wind.

I've always known that I was adopted. My parents did a great job in making sure that I felt special, picked, chosen and all of that. I had a great life, but it was time to search for my birth parents. I didn’t just find my birth mother, I also found two siblings. One of which has an amazing story to tell. 

I welcome my full blood sister Cory Custer on Second Wind today. We’re talking about her transition and transformation to a better self  and acceptance to her new life.

Cory embraces her own alignment. She keeps doing it,  day in and day out . 

In this interview Cory and I talk about discovering your true self, loving yourself, and accepting yourself.  It takes real courage to do so, but it’s worth it when people resonate with the joy that it gets you. Tune in to hear Cory’s story.


In this heartwarming episode, we cover: 

  • [4:09] Wendy discovering her own roots, 2 full brothers and her birth mother
  • [9:13] Confession of a transwoman
  • [19:47] The hole inside me is getting bigger
  • [23:36] Getting into depressive spirals and  catastrophize 
  • [25:18] “The universe said to me, clearly, you're not afraid to die. Cory, why are you afraid to live?”
  • [34:12] The journey of self love and self compassion.
  • [41:18] How to tell your spouse you’re trans?
  • [46:20] I will live in alignment with my purpose as best as I know it.
  • [56:58] Cory’s love/hate relationship with fashion.
  • [1:01: 58] What you need to be confident in your clothes. 
  • [1:03:15] If you don’t like shopping, you’re doing it wrong.
  • [1:09:43] Ask Cory anything you want, she sees it as her job to educate people.

About Cory

Cory’s  is a true story of transition. A momentous plot of transformation.

What you’re seeing is a lifetime of desire being released.

“ I think we can dress consciously in a way that amplifies and expresses our differences and amplifies our voice and our personal power and shines our light and use it that way.”

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Thank you for listening today. I hope that something you heard made you smile, made you think and made you feel these incredible stories empowered, you awakened you or left you feeling inspired.