July 28, 2021

How Two Moms Found Power in Building the Best Version of Themselves

How Two Moms Found Power in Building the Best Version of Themselves

I got in the car, and I screamed at the top of my lungs and I didn't know what was happening to me. 

Tara and Trina were just like any other mom. Tara worked and Trina stayed home with the kids. It was a cycle, and it was exhausting…

Until one day, Tara knew enough is enough. Together with her partner Trina, she co-founded Power Mom. A program that helps exhausted moms find their balance through building the best version of themselves.

Tara and Trina teach moms a new meaning to love. It’s a journey of finding self love, and sharing that love to the people around.

Join me as I share to you how Tara and Trina turned their mundane lives into building the best version of themselves.

In this episode:

[3:19] Tara had a moment of awakening. Having been in a corporate setting for a long time, Tara was finally feeling the stress.

[4:06] While driving, she was having a meltdown and screamed… 

[4:47] Tara thought that what she was experiencing is probably the same with other moms, exhausted... That’s when she felt like she needed a change.

[5:17] Tara shares her frustrations with Trina. While trying to look for a program that would cater to their needs, they ended up agreeing to create their own program instead.

[6:31] Tara talks about how her corporate job is misaligned with what she believes in.

[7:04] While looking for a program, Tara and Trina couldn’t find a program for moms that could cater to all their needs. That’s when they decided to put together a full packaged program.

[8:09] Six to seven weeks later, Tara resigned and dove right into the program.

[8:41] With the idea in mind, Tara and Trina began taking action. They hired coaches and took lessons.

[11:26] Equipped with what they learned, they were ready to teach

[12:00] Self love is the focus of the program. To be able to love others, you have to love yourself first.

[12:12] Building you component is about creating a ME space, and how it can empower someone’s day.

[12:59] One part of Building you are declarations. Declarations are positive statements said aloud.

[12:59] Tara and Trina talk about how they met and ended up together not just as partners in business, but as partners in life first. 

[18:47] Every mom deserves the right to be better…

[19:51] Setting up a call to get to know a client and finding out their pain points.

[21:59] How the Buildyourbestversionchallenge.com came to be.

[23:57] Being a mom is one thing, being an individual is another.

[24:23] Balancing work life and family life everyday

[25:36] As you religiously practice what you learned in the program everyday, it not only affects your life, it can also energetically affect the people around you…

[27:45] Structure keeps you focused…

[30:45] How giving 12 hugs a day increases oxytocin, the love hormone

[33:50] Personal discipline influences the balance of everyday life.

[35:12] Planning time is important. It sets a timeline of what needs to be done and creates balance through the week.

[37:30] The extending you part is sharing yourself with your loved one to work together.

[38:05] Planning is never easy, there are obstacles or rocks that happen along the way, but it’s all about adjusting when things go out of track 

[42:20] How one particular woman’s life changed and impacted other moms as well.

[49:13] Meditation for Tara is what gives her balance…

[49:58] For Trina, positive self talk is what she’ll always fall back to

[51:23] A daily declaration of believing in yourself brings out the positive in you

[51:48] Touching yourself, while declaring positivity out loud gives off energy and confidence

[54:17] Tara and Trina answer the question What’s next? For them, it is to continue to stay aligned with their goals as a family and professionally.


About Tara and Trina O’Brien

Tara O'Brien

A lover of life and the great outdoors. Played Div. 1 soccer and was her teams leading scorer. Has a Master's in Leadership, is a nationally certified massage therapist and wellness coach.

Trina O'Brien

A health and wellness enthusiast and "all-things" sports lover. Played Div. 2 soccer and led her team to win a National Championship. Holds a Master's in Sports Business, is a nationally certified massage therapist, and wellness coach.

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