Jan. 11, 2023

How to Survive and Thrive Through Your Childs Wedding with Jenn Lackey

How to Survive and Thrive Through Your Childs Wedding with Jenn Lackey

When my daughter was about to get married, we wisely thought that we probably needed help. Especially for those not-so-pleasant moments like water pipes breaking, a missing photographer, or an emotional outburst or two. The much-needed guidance we got was from today’s guest, Jennifer Lackey of Storybook Weddings.

Jennifer did a fabulous job on my daughter’s wedding and it is no wonder that her wedding planner business has been a leader in Atlanta since opening in 1998. She specializes in helping brides and their families know the end goal of their weddings and keeps them on the right trajectory. She also helps keep the chaos of weddings including family drama in line. All of this “is to make you and your closest family and friends feel like guests at your own wedding.”

Perhaps you have your own children who are getting married or maybe you’re getting married for a second time, so I thought it’s a great subject to talk about. In today’s episode, you will learn a lot from Jenn and the many interesting facets of a wedding planning business.

In this Episode

[02:34] What makes somebody want to become a wedding planner?

[05:57] The beginning of Jenn’s Storybook Wedding Consulting.

[07:36] Everything involved in a wedding planner's job.

[09:53] How Jenn handles the panic of a vendor not showing up.

[12:08] The number of hours wedding planners put in at weddings.

[13:22] What happens to a wedding planner’s business during a pandemic?

[15:52] Amy tells us about her nightmare wedding planner moments.

[20:12] “Just because you don't see me out front and you don't have an email from me, dictating everything that I've done, doesn't mean I'm not working behind the scenes.” - Jenn

[23:19] Has Jenn ever had someone show up at a wedding that maybe shouldn't have?

[24:58] The most challenging thing for Jenn in this industry.

[25:46] What has been the most gratifying thing for Jenn in this business?

[27:14] Wendy’s experience working with Jenn for her own daughter’s wedding. 

[31:12] How Jenn convinces wedding planner naysayers.

[36:16] How to get in touch with Jenn for your wedding planning.

[37:00] What happens after Jenn’s wedding planning is done?

About Jenn Lackey

Jenn Lackey grew up with a big dream to be a Wedding Planner. She graduated from Auburn University in 2003 and joined the Association of Bridal Consultants to get her accreditation soon after. She is now the successful owner of Storybook Wedding Consulting, which has been a leader in Atlanta since 1998. 

Storybook Wedding Consulting teams up with the top wedding vendors to create a flawless wedding process. A wedding takes an entire team and they offer customized services ranging from event production to full planning, for any event related to your wedding and beyond.  Their philosophy is to make you and your closest family and friends feel like guests at your own wedding.

Jenn is happily married to her lovely husband. They have two beautiful girls and a sweet pup!

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