July 14, 2021

How The Word RESILIENT Can Change Your Life Forever

How The Word RESILIENT Can Change Your Life Forever

Janice McDermott has written a couple of memoirs. One of her books, called Resilience, talks about how she left the convent to step into another direction, far from what she learned as a nun. 

In this episode, Wendy and Janice talk about her life as soon as she stepped out of the convent. Teaching in school, becoming a leader despite being a woman in her time, and eventually becoming a life coach. 

In this interview, Janice will tell her story on how one nun transitioned into a different direction. An unexpected turn of events, but events that have honed her into a successful woman, author and life coach today.

 “Whatever arises, love that. We all need more love, not less, whatever arises.”

In this episode:

[3:39] - After 29 years of teaching, Janice’s dream to work for the Department of Education came true. 

[4:07] Janice’s gender causes problems working in a ‘man’s world’...

[4:34] She meets Steve, her life coach

[5:33] Janice start her own life coaching business

[8:13] Leading superintendents who paid attention to her became successful

[9:58] How her father’s death and mother’s sickness put Janice and her siblings in an orphanage and foster homes…

[13:31] Being sick for a year while in foster home, but she really just wanted to go home

[15:26] Signing up for convent

[16:47] Fighting to get good education

[23:28] Realizing she was actually depressed and wanted to leave to convent

[24:49] Taking a break… Hitchhiking in Europe after 5 years in the convent

[25:23] Going back to teaching and meeting the love of her life

[26:34] Her boss died and eventually passed his position on to her

[28:31] Bringing Montessori Training to kids who can’t afford it

[33:37] Talking to people in the Department of Education instilled her new found love for life coaching

[37:32] Helping someone get out of depression and live a great life after life coaching

[40:34] Being a coach and having her own coach made a huge difference in her life.

About Janice McDermott

Janice is the author of Resilience. This book is a memoir of her life’s journey from being a nun to becoming a life coach.

Janice grew up in a small town in Eastern Iowa. She worked as an early childhood Montessori educator for 29 years before working in the Department of Education. Currently, she is a successful author and a life coach.

Connect with Janice

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