Dec. 29, 2021

How The Universe Conspired To Change Tisha's Life Forever, In A Closet…

How The Universe Conspired To Change Tisha's Life Forever, In A Closet…

Tisha Michelle lost her best friend Gloria in 2017. Soon after, she also sold her home agency. It was a difficult period in her life, but it also opened the door to her psychic gifts and abilities.

Through grief and struggles, Tisha was always able to overcome. Since embracing her gifts, she now helps people own their true authentic self and not allow their current circumstances to define who they are.

In this episode, Tisha shares her journey of how her grief and struggles awakened her spirituality. From crying in a closet to finally freeing herself from pain and discovering her true purpose in life. 

Everything that you really do need is within you. - Tisha


In this episode:

[4:19] Tisha talks about the death of her best friend. 

[6:18] Losing her best friend made her question her existence, and that shift was her second wind.

[7:04] Her best friend's sister had a breakdown and needed answers, and was referred to a psychic.

[8:06] Tisha wanted to hear from her best friend, she wanted to talk to the psychic too. 

[8:25] Her mother, grandmother, and grandfather had a gift of seeing people who passed away.

[10:03] Tisha talks about her childhood, being pregnant at 16 and going to the military at 21.

[13:35] People around her discouraged her from joining the military.

[14:09] Going to training was hard.

[17:12] At first, Tisha had other plans but it didn't happen.

[17:46] Going through different things in life made her more relatable to other people.

[20:11] After five years in the military, Tisha was in a quest to find out what she will do next.

[24:26] Marrying at a young age and joining the military caused problems in her marriage which led to divorce..

[25:54] After her divorce, Tisha found a job she loves in a company but was laid off after a few years.

[27:59] She applied for assistance but got denied.

[29:05] Tisha felt rejected, she knew she didn’t want to feel that way again, that pushed her to do her own thing. 

[30:11] She was always drawn to the nursing profession and the elderly, but it took longer to study. She got a PCA certification instead.

[32:22] She started working as a PCA part-time but it made her sad and too attached to her clients. She decided to take on an admin role as a care coordinator instead.

[32:58] Another rejection fueled Tisha to start her own business, a school for certifying PCA’s.

[36:01] Business blossomed for Tisha, opening other doors of opportunity.

[37:46] When someone tells you that an idea is not a good idea, don't listen to that, explore it yourself.- Tisha

[39:23] Although Tisha’s agency was working very well, she felt burnt out for not asking for help. She ended up selling it in 2018 after her best friend Gloria died.

[39:36] Soul searching in Egypt for 10 days. 

[41:05] Seeking the help of Jessica, a psychic.

[42:53] Jessica knew everything about her. 

[45:41] Jessica gave a message from her best friend Gloria, and she knew that even if Gloria was gone physically, she was still helping her.

[49:21] After everything came through with the psychic, Tisha saw things in a new perspective, she saw clarity, and her psychic gifts and abilities were awakened too.

[50:03] Tisha wanted to study more about spirituality and her gifts.

[50:37] How Tisha experiences downloads.

[52:19] Connection comes from her community.

[54:15] Jessica and Tisha stayed connected, and Jessica guided her through being a psychic.

[58:05] Tisha started teaching reading to people.

[58:47] She started a podcast, Seeing With Your Soul.

[1:00:53] Tisha also started doing retreats.

[1:02:55] She didn’t stop learning.

[1:03:54] She gets downloads between stages of sleep.  

[1:08:25] How Tisha stays positive and aligned.

[1:10:47] Life is a game and you’re the creator.

[1:12:42] How Tisha stays grounded and aligned. 

[1:15:10] Allow yourself to pivot whenever you want to pivot.

[1:17:04] There’s always something to be grateful for. 

[1:20:26] Everything that you really do need is within you. - Tisha


About Tisha Michelle

Tisha Michelle is a creator, spiritual guide & mentor who was born into a family blood line of Psychic abilities and practices. She is a volunteer for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) a voice for children. Podcast host of Seeing With Your Soul. Founder of Heal, Align & Glo, Creator of The HAG Network and a Spiritual Guide.


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