March 10, 2021

How The Sky and Your Birth Explain Everything! with Murphy MacCanless

How The Sky and Your Birth Explain Everything! with Murphy MacCanless

Ever wondered why you are here on this Earth? What is your true identity? Is there a big purpose for life? In this episode, we invite Intuitive Astrologer Murphy MacCanless to share with us how Intuitive Astrology and Tarot Card Reading has helped her answer the big questions in life. Driven by a curiosity to understand human nature, Murphy has been using her gifts to connect people with their highest selves. Tune in to find out how she uses trauma to transform people, her reading processes, as well as how she discovered her love and passion for Astrology! 



  • What does an Intuitive Astrologer and Tarot Reader do?  
  • Murphy’s journey in Intuitive Astrology. 
  • The relationship between Individual and Astrology. 
  • Facing and healing from your traumas. 
  • The Tarot Card Reading process. 
  • Murphy’s Intuitive Astrology methods. 



“I always have had this drive to try to understand why people do what they do and what motivates them and astrology is perfect for that. Because when it's applied in its highest practice, it teaches us how to understand ourselves deeper and then to see other perspectives that we otherwise wouldn't possibly know how to comprehend.” 

“When you have a whole lot of deep trauma, you can't really be intuitive in your life, let alone in anyone else's. Because that trauma sort of stacks itself on top of your intuition and cuts you off from it. And so the more you deny that trauma, the more you deny that pain, the more you are denying access to that higher part of yourself.”



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