Jan. 4, 2023

How Steamed Broccoli Changed Her Path with Amy Anderson

How Steamed Broccoli Changed Her Path with Amy Anderson

“Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who mind don't matter. And those who matter don't mind” by Dr.Seuss is a little quote I keep on my kitchen window sill that my friend, Amy Anderson, gave me as a gift many years ago. We met 16 years ago at beginner tennis lessons for adults, and we hit it off like we had known each other forever. From then on we have done a bunch of stuff together like chatting on the Second Wind podcast.

Today’s guest is Amy, who is that friend that reminds you there's more to consider than the everyday life of mom and wife duties. She shows us that it is not just what you see on the surface, there's more to life than that. Amy pushes herself to live a semi-nomadic life of spirituality and health while asking questions like why are we here? Her life choices of self-compassion have helped her heal and understand life’s ups and downs like divorce and an unhealthy upbringing.

Her gutsy lifestyle pushed me on my path to questioning life and looking for answers and being curious about my purpose. She makes us ask questions in order to figure out our lives. I thought, who better to have on this podcast than someone who is living the second wind journey every single day?

In this Episode

[02:32] Amy’s sense of freedom started on the back of a motorcycle.

[05:56] A moment that changed Amy's whole life.

[09:48] Really important questions that we should ask ourselves before getting married.

[11:59] Amy’s journey to self-love after divorce.

[14:26] How and why was Amy able to abandon her relationship and be a single mom of two boys?

[17:53] “It's never easy. But I do think at the end of the day, it's about honoring yourself and your personal growth.” - Amy

[20:51] Amy's new perspective is changing the family dynamic that she grew up in.

[26:31] The next leap for Amy came because of steamed broccoli.

[30:29] Amy doesn’t really know the method of her madness of exotic travel and having her own home.

[33:07] Deciding to go to Montana and live in a dorm at age 56.

[36:33] Amy’s adventures through seasonal work for people aged 50-plus.

[40:52] “Whatever is the hardest thing to do, do that” was how Amy honored herself and her divorce.  

[43:01] The number one thing is self-compassion by realizing you are doing the best you can at this moment. 

[45:44] The actual outcome is that we are never going to know the outcome.

[48:08] Amy’s biggest lesson that led her to her current path.

[51:29] “The things that actually will happen to you in your life are things that you can't even imagine”. - Amy

[55:06] Make life about being positive and trusting that you are here to learn. 

[58:12] Connecting to ourselves is going to help us get the message when we need it. 

[01:00:35] Wendy and Amy’s two different life trajectories throughout their friendship.

About Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson is a certified life coach that provides clear direction and insight to your questions, concerns, and frustrations while guiding you toward a life worth living. She helps those who have led down a road of gaslighting and manipulation and she works with helping people listen to their gut and intuition.  

Coupled with her experiences, Amy has earned degrees and has had countless hours of coaching, retreats, and seminars. Some noteworthy accomplishments include: CPCC: CTI - Coaches Training Institute Graduate, Michigan State University: Graduate, Chopra Center Retreat: Journey to Healing, Optimal Health Institute: Holistic Healing Training, Raw Retreat Facilitator, and Yin Yoga Certified.

Her passion comes from a life coaching program she took that provided her with the wisdom she needed to break out of the dysfunction that she was born into. She left her relationship and has spent the last fifteen years unraveling patterns that no longer served her or her family. 

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