Nov. 17, 2021

How Sometimes You Really Do Need To Jump To Fly

How Sometimes You Really Do Need To Jump To Fly

April Ross’ life has had many pivotal moments that led to her second wind. Moments of heartache, love, rejection, hurt, awakening, and learning.

At a young age of 13, April had to step up to become an adult. She not only looked after her mentally ill mom, but also embraced a motherly role towards her twin sister. And as she went on to become a mom herself, she devoted most of who she is as a mother and worked for a job she didn’t really love. Until an encounter changed her life forever. 

In this episode, April’s quest to find herself led her to events of healing, spiritual awakening, and wisdom. Through her book ‘Bravely Becoming’, April takes us on a journey of how one woman made a decision to jump to be able to fly.

In this episode:

[2:44] In 2019, a chance encounter with another person awoke something in April.

[6:20] The encounter caused her to face some of the things that happened in her childhood to surface as in a form of behavior, choices, and in her relationships. 

[8:39] Growing up with a single mom with mental illness.

[9:34] At the age of 13, April had to become an adult. Her grandparents were always there to take them in when needed.

[10:17] April and her twin excelled academically, but it was April who took on the motherly role between the both of them.

[11:03] April and her twin were the first ones to go to college. It was in college that April fell in love with the Spanish language and culture.

[13:07] Saying ‘yes’ to her high school sweetheart and bestfriend.

[15:27] A decade of being a mom and forgetting about herself.

[17:35] After 15 years of being a teacher, April felt burnt out. 

[20:07] A job rejection led her to something better.

[22:52] An answered prayer.

[24:08] Finding the missing piece from the last decade.

[25:15] While she was learning and enjoying her new career, that’s when she had her encounter that caused suffering to her marriage.

[29:01] An awakening at the time of pandemic.

[32:24] Finding understanding and purpose through her past.

[37:15] Choosing herself over marriage.

[40:16] April felt a nudge to share her story, through writing a book.

[42:42] Five practices that keep her going.

[44:32] I am always loved and supported. - April

About April Ross

April Ross is the author of ‘Bravely Becoming’. A book about her journey towards healing, self-discovery, and spiritual awakening. April went through pivotal moments that made her into the person she is today. And just like her, a lot of women have gone through or are going through similar situations in their life. April aims to share her story, not just to inspire but to help women take on the courage to make a change in their lives. 

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