July 12, 2022

How Peter Survived Anxiety & Depression Through Therapeutic Writing

How Peter Survived Anxiety & Depression Through Therapeutic Writing

Mental health has been overlooked and ignored for a long time. Some are born with it and some manifest it over their lifetime. A serious matter we need to be aware of and Peter is here to talk about it.

Peter Vox is a retired school teacher and professional musician from Long Island, NY who has spent his life battling anxiety, depression, and existential sadness. He wrote the book The Psych Ward Notes: Surviving Anxiety & Depression. It chronicles Peter's childhood, the origins of his mental illnesses, history with medications, decades spent in therapy, marriage, careers, journals written from psychiatric hospitals and theories on how to handle your mental illness.

In this episode, Peter shares his journey battling anxiety and depression and how he found friendships, learnings, and healing while doing therapeutic writing in the psychiatric ward.

If you feel suicidal, that's the signal. Instead of thinking about killing yourself, that's when you go get help. - Peter

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