Aug. 18, 2021

How Listening To Her Body And Energy Changed A Cancer Diagnosis Into A Second Wind Journey

How Listening To Her Body And Energy Changed A Cancer Diagnosis Into A Second Wind Journey

Julia Spinolo had the perfect life. She was accomplished in her career, had a happy marriage, a nice home, and traveled whenever possible. Until... She was diagnosed with breast cancer.


Everything she knew about was suddenly in question. All her accolades and titles suddenly didn’t matter. Feelings of inadequacy began to surface. Mortality became so real, and it awakened her desire to find her purpose in life.


This is a journey of a woman in search of peace, self discovery, and healing. And as she healed physically, she also found her way through healing spiritually. Now, combining conventional and holistic approaches, she helps people find their own healing.


In this episode: 

[4:59] In 2015, at the age of 42, Julia was diagnosed with breast cancer.

[6:18] The first thing she thought of was if she can still drink wine while on chemotherapy.

[7:47] Julia drinks 3-4 glasses of wine everyday before she was diagnosed with cancer.

[8:20] She began to ask herself questions about her behavioral patterns and her relationship with people.

[10:38] While going through treatments, Julia started looking at every single thing in her life.

[11:23] Julia made a major shift in her life which she calls a shift in vibration. 

[12:57] She realized her mortality, which became her catalyst to change.

[14:58] Julia sees the behavioral patterns in others too, and feels compassionate towards them.

[16:48] A memory of trauma or hurt can stay with a person forever if not resolved.

[17:30] Trauma is subjective. Anything that disrupts flow, and self doubt can be considered trauma.

[17:53] How her childhood laid the foundation of feeling not enough until she grew up.

[20:07] A pattern of rejection was also instilled in Julia that lowered her self-esteem. 

[22:08] She had her first psychic reading at 12 years old.

[23:23] Her mother opened opportunities for Julia and her sister to discover their intuitive/psychic abilities.

[24:42] A psychic predicted Julia’s future.

[26:03] Julia shifted to Nursing course as a result of the feelings of rejection when she was young.

[27:16] Not feeling good enough pushed her to do well in school.

[28:08] Because there’s an underlying feeling that she’s not enough, she always aimed to get better. She became a nurse then a nurse practitioner, and had her doctorate degree.

[30:04] Julia became an energy healer.

[30:38] A year after chemo, Julia is still experiencing after effects that disrupts some of her behaviors.

[36:20] After a session of Reiki, Julia felt like herself again.

[38:27] Julia became a Reiki master.

[41:41] She combined conventional and holistic medicine together.

[42:41] EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Processing explained. 

[55:15] Self compassion leads to compassion for others.

[57:28] Feeling of peace within oneself despite struggles and traumas.

[58:10] Honor people’s choices and honor their paths. Do not judge them.

[1:00:51] When people try to control you, there’s something going on in their self-esteem that is not grounded enough

About Julia Spinolo

Julia is a healthcare provider and a cancer survivor. She practices Reiki, which enhances balance and optimal health towards attaining a greater sense of well being. She combines energetic and scientific aspects of medicine to help others heal. Julia also provides spiritual support and intuitive guidance to her clients.

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