July 27, 2022

How Joyce Beverly Offers A Helping Hand To People Who Want To Tell Their Stories

How Joyce Beverly Offers A Helping Hand To People Who Want To Tell Their Stories

Do you have a desire to capture people’s hearts with your story?

Like others, you might be overwhelmed by the thought of telling your story. You’re probably wondering, “Where do I begin? And how do I actually finish?!”

Joyce Beverly has been sharing people's stories for more than 40 years. In 2020, Joyce took storytelling to another level by founding My Storyographer. Today, she writes and edits memoirs, teaches people to write their own stories, publishes life storybooks, and provides consulting services for self-publishing your book.

In this episode, Joyce will share her story of the experiences and struggles she had throughout time as she pursued her life as a wife and as a business owner, and how she used it to help people give the courage to tell their stories.

Your story can be the lifeline for someone who needs to know how in the world am I gonna get through this? - Joyce

In this episode:

[02:33] How Wendy and Joyce met for the first time.

[04:53] The moment Joyce changed her trajectory and how it led to that.

[06:09] Joyce became a business owner at the age of 26 - those were challenging times of her life.

[11:21] Joyce tells her story of origin, how they live in a rural area of Georgia, and why she didn’t have an ordinary childhood.

[14:08] He never quit. Joyce’s father was always going into different businesses and none of them worked out well. He kept trying and Joyce learned a lot from him when she was growing up.

[17:47] When you feel like it’s not going to work out: don’t worry, it’s going to work out.

[23:19] Comparison is the thief of joy. - Joyce

[25:39] Her first marriage didn’t work. Becoming a single mother while being a business owner was hard.

[28:54] How thankful Joyce is to her mother, family, and friends that recognized her depression. They were there to help her.

[33:27] The ups and downs of Joyce and her new husband working together.

[37:25] How she was supported and blessed by the women in her community to do the thing she really wanted and take it to the next level.

[43:06] Do the work you were born to do. Do the work you were meant to do. - Joyce

[44:21] My Mantra? I just love the work, the writing, and peeling back the layers.

[45:58] Everyone has their own trauma and chaos but everybody should learn from it.

About Joyce Beverly

 Joyce honed her interviewing, writing, and storytelling skills during her 40 years as a community journalist. She began writing professionally in high school, working for her hometown newspaper: The Jefferson Reporter. At age 27, Joyce purchased the newspaper. As owner/publisher, her vision and creative energy breathed fresh air into this critical community lifeline, which had been founded in 1905. Soon thereafter, Joyce purchased The News & Farmer, the oldest continuously published a weekly paper in the state.

Later, when Joyce took the helm as publisher/editor of Fayette Woman, a high-quality monthly magazine serving Fayette County, Georgia, she mastered her storytelling ability during her 18-year tenure with this successful publication. Today, as founder and chief storyographer of My Storyographer, Joyce relishes the opportunity to tell the story of many everyday heroes.

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