March 1, 2022

How I Ended Up On A Stage Half Naked with Nicole Simmons

How I Ended Up On A Stage Half Naked with Nicole Simmons

At some point in our lives we may feel a nudge, a voice, an intuition guiding us to a direction, the next step we have to take. For Nicole, it was God telling her what to do next.

Nicole Simmons is a leadership coach, a bodybuilder, and a podcast host. All throughout her life, Nicole has been guided by God’s voice and she has always been obedient. Then came the struggle that tested her. In her brokenness, she found strength.

In this episode, Nicole shares with us how her desire to help became global. From social work, she found leadership coaching as her medium to helping more. She would also share how her journey was directed by nudges, God’s voice even during the hardest period of her life. And how she ended up on stage as a bodybuilder.

In this episode:

[02:56] We all have unique talents and we're all valuable.

[05:03] Nicole always knew she was called to help people, and soon discovered it was through social work.

[06:20] A nudge made her walk away from a promotion and move to Georgia. 

[09:36] She moved to Georgia with her family.

[10:58] Nicole went to the University of Georgia to study her Master’s, but midway she felt like this was not the direction she was supposed to take.

[12:17] One night, Nicole came across a leadership training ad on Facebook, and she instantly knew this was the direction she has to take.

[16:06] Sometimes I think we don't see the next step because we're really not willing to see it. - Nicole

[19:26] Her vision became clearer and more aligned to where she wanted to go, to help on a global scale.

[20:23] I heard very clearly, God said to me, this is your master's program. 

[22:30] She felt another nudge, and this time it’s telling her to grow again.

[23:21] Learning about God at a young age.

[28:35] Getting to know God and reading scripture became Nicole’s guide to finding the right direction.

[33:21] At 18, Nicole was supposed to get married,but felt a nudge that it was not the direction she should take.

[37:57] Nicole got married at 32, she and her husband waited for 8-9 years before she got pregnant. 

[40:11] She felt so much joy, only to be told 12 weeks later that she’s miscarrying.

[41:54] Nicole began to cry in the car, and felt a nudge again, heard God’s voice saying ‘Don't terminate your dream, do not terminate it’.

[42:47] Years after, she felt shame, negativity around comments, and depression from not becoming a mother.

[44:24] Nicole questioned God, but later realized it’s another crossroad in her life. It allowed her to be broken and be okay being broken.

[46:20] Pain and brokenness is necessary for change in growth. - Nicole

[46:43] ‘The unsung mother’.

[49:09] A moment of healing.

[49:45] Nicole remains hopeful, she believes she will have a child one day.

[51:11] Learning about bodybuilding and how she ended up joining a bodybuilding competition.

[55:43] For years, Nicole experienced mental blocks she was unaware of, but God told her competition is going to help her push through these mental blocks.

[57:12] There is something about submitting yourself to physical discipline that challenges your mental capacity.

[57:27] Nicole trained on her own, God told her not to join a gym.

[59:05] She struggled in her self-training but she pushed through.

[1:00:58] Nicole won 4th place, but being able to conquer her mental blocks was the real win. 

[1:02:51] Getting Leadership Training offers after the competition.

[1:04:23] Nicole became more confident even with the clothes she wore.

[1:06:11] Everyday, the passage that fuels her is that it is her responsibility to be her best version in everything she does.

[1:09:11] You do need to take care of your physical body because it's the vehicle by which your gift is going to be dispensed. - Nicole

[1:14:24] YOU matter. Don't be afraid to allow yourself to be broken and exposed so that you can grow. - Nicole

About Nicole Simmons

Nicole Simmons is a leadership coach, she works with a diverse clientele of entrepreneurs, executive directors, managers, teachers, business professionals and young adults. Nicole propels her clients to the next level, expands their thinking to produce effective outcomes. She is a bodybuilder who won 4th place in a bodybuilding competition. And she also has her own podcast, called Take Action with Nicole Simmons.

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