June 21, 2022

"If I Can't Help Within The System, I Will Make My Own!" with GiGi Willborn

"If I Can't Help Within The System, I Will Make My Own!" with GiGi Willborn

Gigi Wilborn has been a Registered Nurse for 20 years. She has been helping others for a long time, but along the way, she felt exhausted. Then one day, her husband bought her a starter art kit, and that changed the trajectory of her career forever.

Gigi was finally happily doing what she loved best - painting. But as the pandemic hit, the healer within her knew she needed to do something. She didn’t want to go back to bedside care, but she found IV hydration therapy as her channel to promote wellness.

In this episode, Gigi shares how she found herself again in art and how her passion for IV hydration therapy also allowed her to be of service to others.

In this episode: 

[03:22] Four years ago, Gigi had a pivotal moment in her life when she started painting again.

[05:36] When the pandemic hit, she thought about what she wanted to do again. She realized she wanted to promote wellness through IV hydration.

[06:31] Gigi merged her two passions together, painting and IV therapy.

[09:21] Self-care looks different to different people. And she tries to promote wellness and self-awareness to other people.

[12:12] Gigi talks about growing up in Atlanta and how her mom influenced her to be a nurse.

[14:34] She was born a creative but her mom discouraged her to follow her hobbies.

[18:13] Gigi felt her job at the bedside wasn’t working anymore.

[21:18] Her job leaves her exhausted, with no energy left for other areas in her life.

[24:54] After leaving her job, she continued painting and her paintings were exhibited in numerous galleries.

[25:12] As Covid hit, she knew she still wanted to help people. And that started her IV hydration business journey.

[26:59] She considers the roadblocks in her business journey as learning experiences that a bigger and better opportunity. That led her to open her IV hydration boutique.

[37:17] Learning to celebrate wins.

[38:56]  I had to change my currency from money, which is renewable, to time, energy, and happiness. Time is not renewable once it's gone. - Gigi

[40:25] Gigi explains how IV hydration works and its benefits.

[47:05] Now, she no longer feels exhausted but has lots of energy for other areas in her life.

[47:49] Learn from past experiences, pivot change, and keep growing.

[49:45] Self-awareness is key to getting out of paralysis.

[47:05] Start owning and being the energy of what you want to receive. Start matching what you want to attract. - Gigi

About Gigi Wilborn

Gigi Wilborn is a Registered Nurse and the founder of Essential Wellness 360, an IV Vitamin Hydration therapy service, that brings the benefits of IV treatments directly to homes. In her spare time, Gigi is a self-taught visual artist painting under the pseudonym, GW Harper. Her other absolute passion includes being proficient with starting IVs and educating clients on how to include wellness practices into their daily routine.

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