Dec. 22, 2021

How Finding The Meaning Behind "BODYFULLNESS" Became Dr. Rachel's Second Wind

How Finding The Meaning Behind

In todays’ world, a lot of people, especially women, are not comfortable in their own bodies. From race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and sexual health, they feel marginalized. But one person is brave enough to speak about a topic we normally avoid, and she calls it bodyfullness.

Dr. Rachel Allyn is a licensed holistic psychologist for almost 20 years specializing in body-mind medicine, relationship therapy, and sexual health. She helps individuals and couples cope with their mood, life transitions and relationship challenges.  She also wrote the book, “The Pleasure Is All Yours”. This book is based on the same topic as her 2019 TEDx talk focusing on the method of "bodyfullness," which integrates embodied mindfulness, self-regulation practices to cope with trauma and stress, and reclaiming life's healthy pleasures and intimacy with others.

In this episode, Dr. Rachel Allyn talks about her book The Pleasure Is All Yours. She focuses on some issues some people and women are not comfortable talking about, but are really important. Dr. Rachel is changing the way women or even men look at their bodies.

Joy is about healthy pleasure practices, to receive that and to share that with others. - Dr. Rachel Allyn

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