Feb. 15, 2021

How Finding Courage Can Show You Who You Really Are

How Finding Courage Can Show You Who You Really Are

What would you do if your partners for life were suddenly taken away from you? Emily Fritchey lost her husband of 37 years to cancer, and nine days later, lost her dog of 13 years to a car accident. But instead of resigning to fate and losing all hope, Emily started her life anew by taking her husband’s life’s work and creating Sunshine Botanicals - a skincare line that heals and rejuvenates your skin through the power of botanicals. Follow her on her journey of self-discovery in this episode as she shares how she uncovered her bigger purpose in her second wind of life. 



  • Emily’s second wind moment.
  • The story behind Sunshine Botanicals. 
  • Treating skin conditions with botanicals. 
  • The process behind developing products. 
  • What it means to put blinders on. 
  • What’s next for Emily Fritchey? 



“I learned that God answers prayer but not always the way you want it.”



Emily Fritchey - "The Skin Whisperer"  

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