Feb. 15, 2023

How Do You Fight Back the Pounds and Find Your Best Health? Go "Inside" with Elaine Morrison of Elaine Wellness

How Do You Fight Back the Pounds and Find Your Best Health? Go

How about if we tell ourselves a different story about our midlife and how we can live it?

We welcome back Elaine Morrison, Founder of Elaine Wellness. Her story is unique and wonderful. She had her own set of health issues and as a Pilates instructor, she developed an original collagen formula called Elaine Wellness Collagen. She developed it for her mother to help her with Hashimoto's disease and other symptoms. The product has been reformulated and it is better and much cleaner than you can find on the store shelves. Elaine has also created the Midlife Blueprint, which is a program that helps with little-talked-about midlife issues for women like perimenopause and menopause.

Listen to this episode and you can hear all of Elaine’s wisdom about nutrition, exercise, and mindset for a different chapter in our lives.

In this Episode

[03:44] What is the “midlife blueprint” and why does it exist?

[07:12] Instinctively knowing that any health-related issues it is not just because you are aging.

[09:50] The way midlife is this powerful transition in our lives.

[11:53] How did Elaine decide to take on the understanding of going through perimenopause and menopause?

[18:54] Elaine and how her program of pillars for nutrition, movement, and mindset came about.

[21:49] “Women are wired for community and collaboration, and I feel like together we go further.” - Elaine

[25:24] How can we handle exercise during midlife, perimenopause, and menopause?

[30:03] “This isn't about weighing less on the scale.”- Elaine

[34:18] Getting answers about food that we think is healthy for us but are doing great harm.

[42:16] What have been some of the benefits that Elaine has found through her research?

[45:38] Success stories from Elaine’s wellness program.

About Elaine Morrison

Elaine is a pilates instructor with a passion for health and wellness turned entrepreneur. Collagen helped her to restore her hair, skin, and nails after being diagnosed with a thyroid autoimmune disorder.

In 2015, she created a category in the beverage industry by creating Eviva Collagen Water. In 2019 she relaunched with high-quality premium USA grass-fed collagen in convenient stick packs. 

Elaine Wellness meets the needs of modern mid-life women who know that radiant beauty begins within and aging is a privilege.

Here is more information about Elaine’s Midlife Blueprint program.

Midlife is a powerful transition, not an ending!

  • In this in-depth, 8-week course, Elaine shows you step by step the intersection of mindset, nutrition, and movement to create a life you love in midlife and beyond.
  • How to eat for fat loss, energy, stamina, vitality, and to feel your best.
  • The exercise you need to look and feel great - it's likely not what you think.
  • How food and exercise impact sleep, hot flashes, and mood in midlife.
  • Mindset tools to step into the second half of life on your terms.
  • Simple, actionable tips and hacks to add to your daily routine to feel your best.

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