Aug. 24, 2022

How Alice Found The Missing Link For Success In One Word

How Alice Found The Missing Link For Success In One Word

“The only lasting impression should not only focus on Gucci or Versace clothes. It should be the balance between the three, your poise, your body language, and your expertise. If you're not able to put that in harmony, then you are messing up something.” – Alice Muhirwa

Alice became an image consultant and etiquette coach after her own personal realization that her work and the vacuum of self-doubt were consuming her and her time with her family. She’s felt firsthand the value that comes from having a second set of eyes helping you understand, strategize and style yourself. Alice is committed to helping others understand their poise, interestingness, and etiquette, not just to help them dress differently, but to carry themselves differently in their lives.

When you carry yourself differently, it carries over into other aspects of your life, and the proof is in the testimonials that Alice has received from past clients. If you are wondering if an image and etiquette coach might help someone, tune in to hear Alice talk about her process and how she serves her clients!

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