Dec. 21, 2020

How A Birthday Present Changed Everything with Dr. Julie Lord

How A Birthday Present Changed Everything with Dr. Julie Lord

Ever felt like something was off or missing in your life? Our guest Dr. Julie Lord was no stranger to that feeling. After her 49th birthday, Julie reached a turning point in her life and started making radical changes for herself. In this episode, Julie shares how a mysterious phone call changed her life, what rituals keep her motivated, and why you shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting more! Find out how Julie managed to open a Pilates studio (Studio13 Serenbe) during COVID-19 despite other gyms and studios closing down, and how to make a stressful situation work for you. 

Open yourself up to the possibilities in life - you’ll be surprised at where it takes you! 



  • Flowing into your true purpose - How Julie found hers. 
  • Julie’s journey in Chiropractic and Pilates.
  • How she successfully opened and ran her pilates studio ‘Studio13 Serenbe’ during COVID-19. 
  • Her secret routines 
  • Dealing with guilt and finding your purpose 



“I feel like if I'm constantly having to push a ball up a hill, it might be a time to question: Is this the direction I should be going?”

“I'm better for my family because I'm in the flow of what I am supposed to be doing. I am much more in-tune and present with them.”



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