Jan. 19, 2022

Having It All Isn't Having It All... At All With Tammi Leader Fuller; Founder Of Campowerment

Having It All Isn't Having It All... At All With Tammi Leader Fuller; Founder Of Campowerment

Tammi Leader Fuller is successful and an Emmy Award winning TV news producer. For 35 years, she has worked in a field where a lot of people only dream of. She seemed to have it all, or did she?

A series of deaths among celebrities made Tammi realize she needed to do something to help. To help others find their purpose, to reconnect, and share what they can offer to the world. And with that mission, it gave birth to Campowerment.

In this episode, Tammi shares with us how her mission and vision became a reality. How she was able to build an organization that truly cares and empowers. This time, she can really say she has it all.

You were put here for a reason. Find your purpose, and figure out how you can share it with the world. - Tammi


In this episode:

[02:22] Tammi has always been obsessed with summer camp since she was a child.

[02:59] She was a TV news reporter for 34 years.

[03:34] In 2012, while working during the weekends for the Extra and Entertainment TV show. Every weekend a celebrity would commit suicide. 

[04:44] During the week Cory Monteith died, Tammi knew she needed to do something, she wanted to help.

[05:49] She started looking into summer camps and began fulfilling her mission to help people connect and reignite their life through Campowerment.

[07:11] Oprah wrote about them and other social media coverages made them known.

[08:02] In the program, Tammy invites experts from different fields to create an interactive experience.

[09:55] Everybody has an expertise to share.

[11:23] They have three rules at camp, and the first one is you cannot say what you do for a living for the first 24 hours.

[12:54] The second rule is what happens in the circle stays in the circle.

[16:20] The third rule is drinking is not allowed. Only a glass of wine to reward you but not more than that. 

[17:47] Tammi worked hard as a TV producer and felt exhausted at some point.

[18:52] She started to dream a lot, and it started with a vision board.

[20:36] Have a dream, have a goal. You might not know how to get there just yet, but you can already work on it. 

[23:09] Having a vision and having a dream, led Tammi to building something nobody has thought of yet.

[25:50] Campowerment was slowly growing.

[26:55] Losing everything in a fire. 

[29:27] A GoFundMe campaign raised them $70,000.

[30:14] Tammi got sick from stress and her mom passed away.

[30:54] On her mom’s deathbed, she told Tammi to keep on going, to still help people.

[31:14] When Covid hit, people still wanted to do the camp, but this time virtually.

[31:43] Online Campowerment was a huge success. Her goal of connecting people was a success.

[32:59] Her 35 years of experience as a TV producer came into play. Tammi was able to create fun and interactive concepts and ideas.

[35:06] Find your thing, what your expertise is and share it with the world.

[37:49] Her daughter is now leading Campowerment with new ideas coming from an intergenerational perspective. 

[41:30] The online community has kept her going during this time of Covid.

[44:53] Finding how we can help each other is what Campowerment is about.

[45:45] Meeting the experts on the camp enables someone to sample from what they offer, and that creates the opportunity to connect with that expert who can possibly change your life, guide you.

[47:20] Campers should be around 21 years old but it’s for everyone, from all walks of life.

[48:56] Companies and organizations go to Campowerment to strengthen and connect their teams.

[51:53] You were put here for a reason. Find your purpose, and figure out how you can share it with the world. - Tammi

[53:31] Don't let fear of failure stop you. We're all going to fail. But we fail up. - Tammi


About Tammi Leader Fuller

Tammi Leader Fuller is an Emmy Award winning TV news producer and the founder of Campowerment. Together with her late mom, Tammi created a program that connects and empowers not only women, but men, and companies as well. She and her daughter now lead Campowerment. A sleepaway camp, inspired by an expert-led program, built around play. Tammi is on a mission to help people find their purpose.


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