May 5, 2021

Growing Up Serenbe

Growing Up Serenbe

Have you ever wanted to live in a place that connects you with the community and with nature? What if we told you that such a place exists? In this episode, we invite Garnie Nygren to share with us her story of how she and her family built Serenbe. Learn about the story behind Serenbe and the work that they do to create community and protect the green space. Wendy and Garnie also chat about the importance of the environment you live in and the crucial role it plays in your well-being. Join in on the conversation and find out what makes the Serenbe community so unique! 



  • What is Serenbe? 
  • About the Serenbe community. 
  • The story behind the birth of Serenbe. 
  • How COVID helped propel the Serenbe movement. 
  • The relationship between your environment and your well-being. 



“We have access to more information and wealth than we've ever had. We are unhappier and unhealthier than we've ever been. And those two things don't make sense.”  



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