Dec. 16, 2020

Growing Up Maguire, The Maguire Kids Tell All

Growing Up Maguire, The Maguire Kids Tell All

Have you ever wondered what your kids think about being brought up in your presence? In this episode, we uncover a little bit more about your host, Wendy Charles Maguire, through the eyes of the Maguire kids. Rob 28, Erin 26, Colin 23, and the newest member since 2012, John Smith 26, all share their experiences and their take-a-ways growing up Maguire, and why coming together for this new venture with their mother makes perfect sense. 



  • What’s it like growing up as a Maguire? 
  • The hurdles and revelations of entering the real world. 
  • Making the most out of opportunities presented. 
  • The Maguire work ethic. 
  • Definitive moments and stories of the Maguire family. 



“Nothing is handed to you. You have to work for everything that you get in this life.” 

“My brother will do anything in his power to be the best. And those values, no matter where we wind up in the country, is what we really got from growing up as Maguire”

“I think every single one of us realized that we were a little different. The values we got from our parents and the message that they kept driving into us was hard work, family, and doing your best. And when we got into the real world, nobody else really got it.”



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