Sept. 1, 2021

God Will Give Us Beauty For Ashes

God Will Give Us Beauty For Ashes

Heather Burgholt always had a strong foundation of faith. Instilled at a very young age, Heather grew up trusting God. 

Everything was going well for Heather, a successful ballet dance career, job opportunities opening up, marrying the love of her life and eventually becoming a mother to Emma. She was happily fulfilling her duty as a mom when they discovered their daughter was suffering from Lyme’s disease.

In this episode, Heather shares how her faith remained a constant in her life despite trials. Job loss and her daughter’s sickness has been a long painful journey, but if anything else, it has made their family closer to each other.

Lyme’s disease has also created an opportunity for her to re-discover her creativity through art. Her paintings on woodwork opened doors of opportunities for her and her family, and brought joy to the people who brought home her art. 

The biggest lesson is in those hard times. There's still more until we take our last breath, there is still more for us to do, and there's still more if we can just be patient. - Heather

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