Sept. 1, 2021

God Will Give Us Beauty For Ashes

God Will Give Us Beauty For Ashes

Heather Burgholt always had a strong foundation of faith. Instilled at a very young age, Heather grew up trusting God. 

Everything was going well for Heather, a successful ballet dance career, job opportunities opening up, marrying the love of her life and eventually becoming a mother to Emma. She was happily fulfilling her duty as a mom when they discovered their daughter was suffering from Lyme’s disease.

In this episode, Heather shares how her faith remained a constant in her life despite trials. Job loss and her daughter’s sickness has been a long painful journey, but if anything else, it has made their family closer to each other.

Lyme’s disease has also created an opportunity for her to re-discover her creativity through art. Her paintings on woodwork opened doors of opportunities for her and her family, and brought joy to the people who brought home her art. 


The biggest lesson is in those hard times. There's still more until we take our last breath, there is still more for us to do, and there's still more if we can just be patient. - Heather

In this episode:

[3:48] In 2016, Heather and her family moved from Chattanooga Tennessee back to Georgia.

[4:54] While her daughter lost interest in art, Heather for some reason started to grow.

[6:59] Unexpectedly, she made her first sale from the flower art she made from scrap wood in their garage.

[7:59] That first sale was the beginning of the whole endeavor of creating art.

[9:42] Heather recalls her love for flowers since childhood.

[10:14] She started dancing ballet at three.

[10:40] Finding happiness through creativity.

[11:46] Heather’s dad, an ex-military man, made a promise with God to do his will if he just gets home safe.

[12:44] Her dad heeded the call and joined the ministry to become a pastor.

[12:50] They swapped a comfortable life to a more humble way of living.

[15:06] Despite living less, they were still healthy and provided for. She was also still dancing ballet.  A blessing they believe from God.

[16:30] By the age of 13, dancing ballet has been moving towards a professional dancing career.

[19:54] At 15, she stumbled across an advertisement for the Atlanta ballet which she put in her bulletin board for three years.

[21:14] She auditioned for two ballet companies, Princeton and Atlanta.

[22:07] She never got a call from her audition from the Atlanta ballet company, but her instinct was still to go to Atlanta.

[25:01] They found out that she was accepted in Atlanta, and there was just a mess up in communicating it with Heather.

[26:17] She danced with them until she turned 20, but lost the joy in dancing and wanted to explore life outside the ballet studio.

[33:32] She discovered life outside of ballet. She worked as a receptionist then eventually became a nanny.

[34:58] While working as a nanny, she was given the opportunity by her employer, who is a furniture rep, to do the inventory of fabrics.

[35:45] That served as a stepping stone until another opportunity came to be, a store manager for Eve Dorm, selling high end French linens.

[37:51] Heather got married and had a baby in 2002, being a nanny prepared her to be a mom.

[39:57] Emma, their daughter, was showing signs of immune issues.

[40:54] A job loss prompted them to move back to Georgia.

[42:43] They discovered that Emma has Lyme disease. Their journey with the disease became challenging, and also what pushed them to do homeschooling.

[47:18] Though they were going through  some tough times, their faith in God saved them.

[48:40] Her husband got a job when they were in their last $300.

[49:51] Emma’s health improved in some ways, but her white blood cells were so low that it forced her into seclusion.

[52:02] With Emma’s condition, it was impossible for them to travel.

[53:11] Painting became a therapy for Emma, and a medium for creativity for Heather. 

[55:04] Emma lost interest in arts, but Heather keep growing artistically, up to the point she get inspiration for art in the middle of a night.

[56:39] After her first art sale, she participated in the Shakerag Festival in Atlanta. 

[1:00:27] A friend told her to join Ness Fest.

[1:01:33] Getting into Ness Fest, was an affirmation that God has opened those opportunities for  her.

[1:02:35] In 2018, a local launch and go workspace invited Heather to showcase her art. 

[1:04:47] The boxes from Emma’s medical supplies became the boxes that housed her art when it gets shipped.

[1:04:07] She realized that keeping her art in boxes was just like the scripture - I will give your beauty for ashes. The ashes are their struggles, the beauty is her gift of creativity.

[1:07:22] Heather’s art brings joy to people.

[1:08:16] The biggest lesson is in those hard times. There's still more until we take our last breath, there is still more for us to do, and there's still more if we can just be patient.


About Heather

Heather Burgholt is a dedicated mom to Emma and a wife to Eric. She is a woman of faith, and shares her God-given creativity through painting flowers on woodworks. Her art brings joy to many, and continues to do so as her business grows.   


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