March 3, 2021

Getting Your House in Order: GI Mapping with Eliza Bacot

Getting Your House in Order: GI Mapping with Eliza Bacot

Just because you’ve hit over 40 doesn’t mean your health has to compromise, and Eliza Bacot is here to tell you all the reasons why! Eliza believes that the body tells a story, and she specializes in finding out what exactly it’s telling by examining the gut. Learn more about gut health and why it’s so important to understand it to keep a healthy body and mind. Wendy and Eliza also discuss GI map tests, overcoming the psychological to treat the physiological, and even poop! This is an episode you do not want to miss, so tune in now and join in on the conversation. 



  • Eliza’s health and wellness journey. 
  • The importance of understanding your gut health. 
  • Eliza’s diagnostic procedures (including the GI map test). 
  • Why are people not committing to treatments? 
  • What does a protocol with Eliza look like? 
  • Why you need to face and work through your unhealthy attachments. 


“A lot of times the stress and anxiety and the inability to manage those situations actually come from the seat of the gut.”



Learn more about the GI Map test here:


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