April 6, 2022

Finding Order & Peace Through Decluttering with Heidi Milton

Finding Order & Peace Through Decluttering with Heidi Milton

Sometimes we find ourselves in clutter. And it’s not just the physical mess we have around our homes, but also the mental clutter we have inside. These are clutters that disrupt order and peace in our lives.

Heidi Milton is a Professional Organizer and Family Management Coach. Through her company Operation Organization by Heidi, she helps people create more space for living their best life. Heidi doesn’t just organize your pantry or your drawers, she's empathically someone who has the ability to get to the root of why things are cluttered to begin with. She becomes a partner with you and covers the value of the energy of every aspect of your life simply by starting with your clutter.

In this episode, Heidi shares with us how decluttering your home can impact even the other aspects of your life. How decluttering your mind can lead you to order, peace, and most especially achieving your goals. Heidi is on a mission to help you create more space for living your best life.

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