Aug. 25, 2021

Evie Kettler: The Woman Whose Passion For Dogs Is Making A Difference In Her Community And The South

Evie Kettler: The Woman Whose Passion For Dogs Is Making A Difference In Her Community And The South

Evie was just a regular person, living a regular life. Until one day, while driving, she saw a dog that resembled her dog. Everyday, she would pass by that dog and realize that it was tethered. 

The image of the dog stuck with her. She knew then that she had to do something about it. 

This is a story of how one woman learned to stand in a crowd to fight for what is right. How her passion for dogs rights pushed her to become an advocate. This is an inspiring story of perseverance, passion, and love for animals.

This is a story of how one person made a difference.

In this episode:

[5:16] On her usual drive to her son’s house, Evie always sees a tethered dog that looks like her dog.

[5:58] After a while, she hated looking at it when she realized the situation the dog was in. 

[7:29] Until one day, she decided to try and ask for help but didn’t get the help she was hoping for.

[9:32] She emailed the city council to raise the issue.

[12:29] Evie talks about her dog that died.

[13:28] She got another dog and got involved in animal rescue.

[16:02] March 2015, the first meeting with the council went great.

[20:13] A news reporter reached out to Evie to tell her that her issue was being talked about in a meeting at Hogansville.

[20:33] The Mayor invited Evie to present to the council.

[21:11] An ordinance of just using a runner system and no tethering to a single point tether was approved in the city.

[22:22] Evie didn’t get the exact result she wanted but having the city open to change was an improvement.

[22:37] She got a shelter requirement passed in the city.

[24:21] Her advocacy influenced other people to report unjust treatment for dogs.

[25:31] Evie didn’t stop, she wanted to make the same change to her county.

[26:19] April 2016, she stood in front of commissioners again.

[26:37] November 2017, an ordinance of using a runner and no more tethering to a single point was approved.

[27:19] She proposed  the shelter requirement ordinance to the county.

[27:37] Evie spent a lot of time at meetings and helping out build fences for the dogs in the hot weather.

[28:24] Her pleas for change were being ignored.

[31:33] She was struggling to get the law passed and it was affecting her emotions.

[32:03] Evie found organizations that are building fences and reached out to Fences for Fido.

[33:46] She started Paws 4 Chainge, an organization that aims to build fences so dogs can run freely.

[35:21] Evie raised money and had volunteers work for the organization’s mission.

[38:55] From knocking on houses, Evie and her team made their organization known through word of mouth, mail, and Facebook.

[42:21] Evie is struggling to be heard.

[44:19] An advisory committee was formed and there were no changes made in the ordinance.

[45:58] Evie is not backing down, she’s still aiming to be heard and is still fighting for her advocacy.

[50:11] She will keep going until the law changes.

[58:47] If you see something wrong, use your voice no matter what...


One person can make a difference.

About Evie

Evie Kettler is the founder of Paws 4 Chainge. A non-profit organization that supports dogs and dog owners in their community. Their mission is to promote responsible pet ownership and to fight inhumane treatment of dogs. They offer a long term solution to tethering dogs by providing fences at no cost.

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