Dec. 14, 2020

Breaking the Cycle with Jennifer Lunsford

Breaking the Cycle with Jennifer Lunsford

What do you do when your world is turned upside down? How do you go about asking for help? 

In this episode, health coach Jennifer Lunsford shares her story of losing her job, growing her new business, and starting school at 35. And in a time filled with chaos, it’s been increasingly hard to keep grounded - Jennifer reveals her method of controlling the things within herself and her secrets on how to keep focused and moving forward. 

Learn how she broke her own cycle by following her intuition and taking a leap into the Second Wind in her life so that you can too! 



  • Jennifer’s ‘aha’ moment; What started the Second Wind in her life. 
  • Seeking help: How to overcome that first step. 
  • Her journey with Depression. 
  • Following your intuition and overcoming your fears. 
  • Taking control of your health - How to break your cycle and create healthy habits. 
  • Losing weight in your forties. 
  • The “Standard American Diet” 



“If you can't control everything going around you, there is one thing you can control. And that is your health.”

“If we are dialed in, and we're not in alignment, and yet we want to be in alignment, things will happen.”

“I always say if any woman feels that kind of chaos in her life, do not ever be ashamed and do not ever have embarrassment to go get help. Just raise your hand.”



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