Nov. 10, 2021

Being Wrong Was God's Gift With Leslie McGuirk

Being Wrong Was God's Gift With Leslie McGuirk

Leslie Mcguirk’s story is simply unique and remarkable. Her journey begins with people telling her that she doesn’t have the talent for art. Fast forward, she became a well known artist in Japan, an author and illustrator for children’s books, and an astrologer who helps people through natal chart readings.

Truly an inspiring woman whose self-reinvention opened up doors of opportunities for her. Her gifts of art, intuition, astrology, and her character all worked together into making her the person she is today.

In this episode, Leslie shares with us her journey of how embracing what comes her way and how being wrong led her to her destiny. And how she has found a way to merge art and astrology together, and use that to help other people.

Stop thinking and let things happen. - Leslie

In this episode:

[2:45] How Leslie became an astrologer.

[4:04] In 2008, the publishing world started to die down.

[5:34] Constantly reinventing herself opened doors of opportunities.

[7:43] The art of being receptive.

[9:13] We need to allow people to help us.

[10:43] Who is Leslie McGuirk

[13:50] Starting as an illustrator of refrigerator magnets.

[15:32] From not making money from her T-shirts to being famous in Japan.

[16:48] Her dream of having her children’s book published finally came true.

[17:34] When the children’s book business started to die, Leslie decided to try doing astrology readings for a living.

[18:57] How Leslie incorporated her background in art to astrology.

[20:21] The relationship between music and astrology.

[21:56] From natal chart reading with her friends, Leslie now helps other people and even works with doctors.

[24:56] Predicting Covid-19 before it hit us.

[27:46] If we don't take better care of each other, and of the planet, this is just going to be the beginning of many things like this.

[30:36] How astrology helps medical issues.

[35:05] How a deep seated trauma can cause a physical imbalance.

[38:40] Finding the root cause of the problem can heal the imbalance.

[40:09] How Leslie helps doctors. 

[43:01] Discovering her gift of intuition scared Leslie.

[44:24] The ability to read an animal for the first time.

[48:53] How working with wild horses changed her life forever.

[52:43] A passion for teaching astrology.

[53:22] Learning astrology through practice.

[55:25] The pleasure of being able to help others.

[56:13] if rocks could sing is a children’s picture book about seeing what is invisible.

[57:19] You can't go looking for things, let things come to you.

[59:11] Stop thinking and let things happen. - Leslie

[1:00:07] Astrology: Introduce people to the possibilities of what it could be.

About Leslie McGuirk

Leslie McGuirk is an illustrator, writer, and astrologer. She has published over 20 children’s picture books around the world, with over 2 million copies sold. She is also a well known designer of over 1,500 products for Takashimaya in Japan. And a Professional Astrologer with over 40 years of experience. Today, she helps people through one on one readings and teaches astrology into the realm of understanding on how humans are designed.

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