June 15, 2022

Am I There YET? With Erica Clark

Am I There YET? With Erica Clark

YET. What does yet mean to you?

For Erica, yet meant something more profound. Yet meant possibility and potential. We all have dreams and desires, but sometimes life happens and our dreams are put on hold. But, it’s never too late to chase our dreams. We might not be there yet, but we can be if we believe and work for it.

In this episode, Erica shares her seasons of yet in life. How God spoke to her and gave her a mission not just to work on herself but to encourage, exhort, and help others chase for their dreams too. Erica is a steward of God, and she is on a mission to inspire women not to give up on their dreams. After all, the best is yet to come.

God has placed dreams and desires in each of us. And sometimes regular life just tends to get in the way. But if you're willing to put YET at the end of that, it means there's still a possibility. The potential is so there. - Erica

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