June 7, 2022

Always Trusting That Inner Knowing Has Created An Amazing Business For Two Sisters

Always Trusting That Inner Knowing Has Created An Amazing Business For Two Sisters

How do you trust that inner knowing?

Dawn Hunt and Jen Yarbrough didn’t have an easy start with their business. Like many entrepreneurs, they went through up and downs, they were tired and defeated at times until they realized what they needed to do - to focus on the people and not the money. With a newfound mission and trust in God, Dawn and Jen found their second wind and have created an amazing business serving others.

In this episode, two sisters share how they created an amazing business journey through God’s guidance and trusting their inner knowing. Knowing when the right time is and having the courage to pursue it.

In this episode:

[02:22] Dawn’s second wind moment was when after a couple of years of working together with her sister Jen, she got a phone call from Dan Cathy, the CEO of Chick-fil-A, and he wanted them to put together a presentation for a party.

[04:55] They found out that it wasn’t just a small party, it was a big gala party.

[05:20] Presentation day.

[09:25] While being a stay-at-home mom, Dawn was also handcrafting wire swirls which she sells on Etsy.

[11:43] Dawn and Jen were gaining traction with their online business that they had to rent a box truck.

[13:01] In 2010, Dawn and Jen dared to go bigger. They had their first gig of designing for a wedding.

[14:34] How Jen got over the fear of leveling up her business. And how her sister Dawn helped to do that.

[18:22] Whenever they feel defeated with work, they would open their Bible and find strength from the verses.

[20:43] Their meeting for the gala, changed their mindset. They realized that they need to focus on the people and not the money.

[24:19] The gala party happened and it wasn’t what they thought it was, they became volunteers every year for 7 years.

[26:28] Dawn and Jen were exhausted from doing weddings and opened a small space to sell flowers.

[28:10] After having a much-needed break, they felt refreshed and were ready to move to a bigger space. Trusting God, led them to The Funky Shack Mercantile in Tyrone.

[31:57] On Feb 1st, Dawn and Jen took over rent of a whole building and rented out spaces to other vendors, and they were able to help other people.

[35:11] They were able to serve their community through their store and minister to other people.

[37:24] During the pandemic, their flower business thrived.

[39:33] Choose to be happy everyday.

About Dawn Hunt and Jen Yarbrough

Dawn Hunt and Jen Yarbrough are the owners of The Funky Shack Mercantile and Flower Market, a full-service florist with fresh flowers daily. our services include talent baskets, custom orders, weddings, events, wrap parties, talent baskets, and more.

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