Nov. 24, 2021

A Life Of Abuse And Therapy Blessed Martha With Incredible Gifts

A Life Of Abuse And Therapy Blessed Martha With Incredible Gifts

Martha Bowers has gone through a lot of traumas and losses in her life. To some, her story may sound hopeless, but for Martha it was different, she used her trauma and losses as pivotal moments to turn her life around.

Martha didn’t have a normal childhood. People around her doubted her capabilities, she was molested, divorced, and even lost her job at the time of the pandemic. But God had other plans for her. Throughout the years, she was able to rise above her circumstances. And with her faith and gift of intuition, Martha decided to use her gift to help other people. Today, she is a life coach and helps people conquer their own traumas and losses.

In this episode, Martha shares her journey of faith, forgiveness, and resilience. A true testament of how someone can change their life, even at the brink of hopelessness.

You don't have to stay where you are. It's not too late. It's never too late. - Martha

In this episode:

[2:48] Like a lot of people, Martha Bowers lost her job at the time of Covid.

[5:06] In January 2020, a class Martha attended made her feel that it would change her life. That was the beginning of Martha pivoting away from businesses, and working more with people to help them overcome the losses.

[8:20] Martha aims to reprogram and release the emotion that’s hidden. 

[10:21] We all have something that impacted our life in a negative weight.

[11:33] When people around her doubted her, she proved them wrong.

[13:09] Taking therapies to get through the trauma.

[14:11] Martha wanted to write a book, but the trauma and limiting beliefs from her childhood blocked her from accomplishing her goal.

[18:15] At a young age of eight, Martha was being molested by her brother. 

[19:10] When her mother failed to protect her, she relied on God.

[20:13] Martha’s outline for her book is about forgiveness and unconditional love.

[22:35] Despite her past, Martha found support and refuge from good mentors that came along her life, which she knew was because of God’s grace. 

[23:57] Learning she’s dyslexic.

[24:57] In high school, Martha became the editor of their school paper.

[25:28] After high school, she went on working for different industries and always had opportunities to progress along the way.

[26:53] After her husband told her he didn’t love her anymore, Martha went back to school.

[27:28] Being told to stop being a victim pivoted Martha’s life into not allowing this to control her life anymore.

[29:17] Getting molested again, this time by the owner of a Christian College made Martha walk away from her dreams of becoming a marriage counselor.

[30:05] She went on to work in the corporate world for 15 years, until she pivoted out of it and started her own company as a business consultant.

[30:57] A gift of seeing the big picture.

[32:07] Coincidences in her life are miracles created by God.

[36:19] You don't have to stay where you are. It's not too late. It's never too late. - Martha

[39:42] How Martha helped her clients in their own traumas and losses.

[46:17] Emotional dis-ease typically starts in the gut.

[49:01] There are different ways to deal with trapped emotions.

[50:44] Working with an intuitive person can help someone go through the root of the problem and tie things back to you.

[52:03] Martha’s happily ever after is helping people.

[54:01] Fixing it for yourself, fixes it for the other person.

[1:01:20] There are no quick fixes, but if you are diligent to do the work, you will get there. And working with a coach will help.

[1:04:03]  I just want people to be well, I want them to live in the authentic life that they want to live in. Through the program - The 7 Steps To Reprogram Yourself.

About Martha Bowers

Martha Bowers has been working in the corporate purchasing industry for years until she became a business consultant. Until a pivotal moment made her realize that helping people is what she truly desires. Now, she is a life coach, and has been helping people conquer their trauma and losses in life, just like she did. Martha is certified in the Goran Method or 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself, and can guide you break free of the trauma that is holding you back.

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